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Alumni Update: Lily Frye ’12 and Alexis Williams ’11

Last updated on May 30, 2014

HAC Alumni 2013

HAC sports looks back at two recent alumni, Lily Frye (The Harley School, class of 2012) and Alexis Williams (Allendale Columbia School, class of 2011) who both swam for HAC and continued their swimming careers in college. Currently, Frye is a freshman at Vassar College, while Williams is a sophomore at St. Lawrence University. Frye is undecided on a major but will likely pursue a career involving science and math, while Williams is a double major in psychology and government. Both had a chance to reconnect at the Liberty League Championships for swimming on November 30th – December 1st (pictured above). Learn more about the HAC sports experience through their eyes below.

What college sports do you play, for how long and who are your college coaches?

Lily Frye (LF):  

Vassar College Swimming – 1 year – Coaches Lisl Prater-Lee, Dan Decker, Brian Bolstad, and Greg Sullivan.

Alexis Williams (AW):

St. Lawrence University Swimming – 2 years – Coaches Robert Clemme and Victoria Lederer.

What sports did you play for HAC and who were your coaches?


Coach Amy Colosimo – Varsity Volleyball, 2009-2012 (3 years)

Coach Peter Mancuso – Varsity Swimming, 2008-2013 (4 years)


Coach Amy Colosimo – Varsity Volleyball, 2008-2011 (3 years)

Coach Peter Mancuso – Varsity Swimming, 2005-2011 (6 years)

Coaches Craig West, Brett Gillen, Dominic Denise and Amanda Morehouse – Varsity Softball, 2009-2011 (2 years)  

What piece of advice or something a HAC coach has said that you’ll always remember?


I think one of the most memorable things came Lorie Rick (HAC modified swimming coach). On the first day of modified swimming, she introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Rick. I am the coach and I am always right.”


“You’re not always going to win and sometimes you have to be okay with that.” Peter Mancuso

What is your most memorable moment when you reflect on your HAC sports experience? 


I will never forget the first time HAC’s varsity girls swim team won the Akron Invitational in 2012.

The Akron Invitational is the girls’ equivalent to sectionals. In Section V, the official girls swim season is in the fall and we swim in the winter; we have to make up our own “sectionals.”

It is a qualifying meet, and each swimmer has to be faster than a certain time in an event to swim that event at the meet. Each swimmer can only swim the events he or she qualifies for and can only swim up to 4 events (it can’t be all 4 individual events). But the catch is that because it isn’t a “sectionals,” some teams from bigger schools are invited, so it was especially hard for our tiny school (for example, I had 47 people in my graduating class) to win. The HAC girls had never won Akron ever in history! And we crushed everyone that year!


Each of my sports teams brought so many wonderful memories and each season brought challenges and barriers that I sought to overcome; however, among the most fond memories I have as an HAC athlete, I think winning sectionals in 2010 (volleyball) and making it as far as state qualifiers my senior year was by far one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It was even more rewarding as we had lost in the sectional finals the year before.

What is one thing that you miss about HAC athletics?


I miss the people and coaches who I grew to know very well and who also got to know me.


I miss the camaraderie amongst players and coaches. Most of my coaches throughout my HAC athletic career served as mentors, rather than just coaches on the court. I bonded with each of my coaches individually and never hesitated to come to them with any problem I may have had outside of my athletic career. This camaraderie extended not only to my coaches, but also to the athletic directors Bob Moore (retired) and Nate Merritt. This is special relationship never quite formulated on any of my club teams and is not prevalent in college.

How did playing HAC sports help prepare you for collegiate sports and college life in general?



HAC sports are extremely time consuming. The limited hours forced me to become very time-efficient about finishing homework and made it impossible to procrastinate.


HAC athletics gave me a work ethic. Collegiate level swimming is much more time consuming and physically demanding than high school athletics; however, what HAC sports taught me was to never skip a yard and to just keep going. AS long as I keep swimming my hardest, I will continue to improve my times. I work hard everyday in practice, because my high school coaches taught me to not only better myself, but my teammates as well.

Lily Frye Awards and Honors won during HAC career:

HAC Sportsmanship Award 2012 (volleyball)

Exceptional Senior 2011 (volleyball)

HAC MVP 2009, 2010 (swimming)

HAC Sportsmanship Award 2012 (swimming)

Genesee Region Women’s All-Star 2009, 2010, 2011 (swimming)

Genesee Region Men’s All-Star 2012 (swimming)

McKee Award 2012

HAC 50-yard freestyle record holder: 25.29 (2/4/11)

HAC 100-yard freestyle record holder: 55.61 (2/16/12)

HAC Member of the record 200-yard freestyle team: 1:45.05 (other members: Izzy Hirtelen-Booker, Alex West & Colette McConnell – 2/5/10)

HAC Member of the record 400-yard freestyle team: 3:55.87 (other members: Meghan Dens, Meghan Frost & Colette McConnell – 1/28/12)

Alexis Williams Awards and Honors won during HAC career:

HAC Sportsmanship Award 2011 (volleyball)

5-Time Genesee Region All Star (swimming)

3-Time HAC Team MVP (swimming)
Bob Joslyn Award Recipient

HAC Rising Star Award 2005

HAC Female Athlete of the Year Award 2011

HAC Member of the record 200-yard medley relay-team: 1:59.91 (other members: Kelsey O’Brien, Colette McConnell and Lily Frye – 1/29/11)

Who are some of your favorite athletes and idols?


Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin and Destiny Hooker.


Missy Franklin, Michael Jordan, Kris Joseph, Michael Phelps and Ryan Locte. 

What HAC coaches have to say: 

“Alexis Williams was the first HAC swimmer to compete 6 years on varsity during my tenure and she did not disappoint. She was very versatile and worked hard throughout her career. She had many, many fantastic races and was part of a team that won the Genesee Region Division II title ALL 6 years of her career. Alexis was also part of 3 Genesee Region League Meet champion teams and 2 Intersectional Meet champion teams. Alexis was a great leader and came up big when it counted.”

“Lily Frye was one of the most versatile swimmers ever to graduate from the HAC swimming program. Lily’s main stroke was sprint freestyle, but she could do everything well. She had many fantastic races and was part of a team that won the Genesee Region Division II Title ALL 4 years of her varsity career – 3 when she was on the girls team and 1 when she swam with the boys team as a senior. Lily was also a part of 4 Genesee Region League Meet champion teams and 2 Intersectional Meet champion teams. Lily practiced very hard and set a great example for her teammates…she proved hard work pays off, just when you thought she reached her peak speed, she would race faster.”

– Peter Mancuso, Athletic Director at The Harley School, HAC Varsity Baseball and Swimming Coach.

“Lily’s senior year she received the ‘most loveable’ paper plate award; this definitely describes her in every way possible!  As her former teacher and coach, I will always remember Lily coming to class or practice with a smile on her face and ready to make the best of every moment!”

“I will always have a vision of Lexi sitting in the back seat of my van on our way to Roberts Wesleyan volleyball team camp.  It was her first year on varsity and I wasn’t too sure what to think of her because everyday in the car she was so full of energy and enthusiasm.  All three years, she brought this passion on to the court and to her teammates.“  

– Amy Colosimo, HAC Varsity Volleyball Coach. 

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